CMD's Desk

From the CMD’s Desk:

"Being a decade old veteran in an industry which practically earmarks the economic position of a country, I take personal pride in creating an organization that is built on the foundations of trust and respect. It all started when I realized the extent of the gap that exists between Indian real estate organizations as against their global counterparts. Even though we stand in a very mature and demand-driven market, the real estate segment in India is seen as a highly unorganized sector, especially the real estate consultancies and agencies that have not caught up with the global standards of professionalism and integrity that the Indian customer deserves. 

As I started working with this awareness, my complete focus was on providing highly qualitative services to my customers so that they could see me as a reliable support system through their precious journey of acquiring their dream homes and properties. As their aspirations came true, practically all of them reciprocated with a heartfelt appreciation for the seamless and professional experience I was able to provide them. The best part was, the experience remained likewise on both ends of the deal. As I look back today, these customers still remain my biggest advocates and have been associated with me from time to time through our decade long journey.

 As for me, being able to consistently provide this experience to every customer remains my life long endeavor. At Good Luck Assets, we see your investments as your blood and sweat that you as a customer would like to see translating into a productive asset. For us, “CUSTOMER’S TIME AND MONEY” means “THE TRUST AND RESPECT” they place on our expertise and we are committed to returning the same to them in every deal. 

Our next goal is to provide the same professional experience to every potential consumer, Indian or global, who wish to invest in this fast-growing Hyderabad real estate. We plan to propel this goal further by launching some of our very unique and innovative value-added services that can be availed by anyone across the globe.

My vision is that India be seen as one of the leading and most organized global pockets for transparent and seamless real estate transactions. And I would like Good Luck Assets to be the trailblazer in making this a fast reality.

Once again, I thank you for your unflinching trust in GoodLuckAssets and I wish you every success that life has at offer.

                                                                                                                                                    ~ Shreyas Y

Our Journey

Who we are?:

Good Luck Assets is one of the prime, diversified Property Consultancies in Hyderabad, with a decade-long experience in the Real Estate Sector. Fast-forward, today our organization holds our business values closer than ever, which continue to act as a guiding stone to our company’s growth and culture. The decade long service has given us an invaluable experience, during what has been the most radical and dynamic period in the Indian Real Estate Industry. This experience has allowed us to blend traditional customer service values with the fast-changing technological landscape, our customers’ interests and dynamic market conditions. 

Good Luck Assets holds a very strong foothold and network within a 100 kms radius of Hyderabad. We are “RERA” registered and strictly abide by all the codes of practice mandated under the act. These are among the many reasons why we are regarded as an outstanding real-estate company in this world class city of Hyderabad.

Quality and Value Offerings:

Our team of multilingual experts are highly cooperative and put their best foot forward by sharing their expertise and knowledge, helping all our customers in selling, buying, renting and investing in Real Estate effortlessly. Through this process our highest priority remains, providing the highest quality of services and value for money to you, our customers. Every team member at Good Luck Assets leads with the saying, “Our commitment towards customer service is paramount.”

If you are searching for an experienced organization, that has never lost its legacy and vision to help its customers in every possible way, then you have reached the right place. We assure you that with the very first interaction you have with us, you will realize that you have made “The Right Decision,” and perhaps the best estate decision.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to provide the highest possible level of service, excellence and expertise to all our customers and to garner trust through demonstrated dedication to values of honesty, integrity and transparency. To act in the best interest of our customers at all times, by offering unquestionable ethics in all transactions by offering exceptional service and utmost customer satisfaction, because we understand that all our customer’s Time & Money is most valuable.

Our Vision is to spread these professional services to as many people through our wide network. We aim to make selling/buying, renting and investing in Real Estate services as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of satisfaction and integrity. Its our endeavor to maintain these outcomes for all our stakeholders, whether be it a seller/ buyer, owner/ tenant or investor, from the very beginning to the end of the process. We constantly work towards transforming and enriching lives through our love of Real Estate. 


Our mission is to use our experience to benefit as many people through our professional services in the best possible ways. We want to lead the change by addressing the indiscipline and lack of censor that is prevalent in the real estate industry for the past many decades.

Our Aim is to bring a radical transformation in the Real Estate Industry from being an Un-organized sector today, to making it Organized.

Why Our Services Are Special

What is Unique about our Services?


   Genuine Transactions: Only genuine and verified Sellers/ Buyers, Owners/ Tenants will be directed to you.

   Speed: We are committed to share maximum leads in the least possible time.

   Customized focus: We provide special focus on every individual customer requirement and ensure that they are addressed equitably.

   Accurate demand update: Will pull the most appropriate demand in the market for your property and offer the best options available for your requirements.

   Simplified listing process: You need not post/ refresh your listing multiple times at multiple web/offline sources. We will be the single point of contact for your best prospects and deal closure.

   Value additions: Our services extend beyond identifying the right Property/ Requirement. We go the extra mile to assist you in managing all your estate needs. You need only ask. 

   The Team: Our Customer Service Team & Property Advisors are most aware of ground realities, backed with detailed research that helps you make the right decision before finalizing a property deal.

   Guidance & Evaluation tools: Compare and evaluate properties using our proprietary on-line tools and waste no time in getting to the best choice. Get expert advice at your fingertips at the click of a button.

   Data Privacy: We are very serious towards data privacy norms and our system and processes ensure that none of your personal information provided is ever misused.

Our Commitment

We maintain complete Transparency in every deal.

Ø  We report real-time ground reality of your property/ requirement.

Ø  We Advise & Communicate effectively on all the stages of your deal.

Ø  We always value your “Time & Money.”

Ø  We endeavour to guide you on the correct path in any context of Real Estate .

Ø  “We will always be steadfast to each of Our Commitments.”


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